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Logo Caspilor

We have our own product line

  • Accessories and spares for Baltec / Leica Instruments
  • Supplies found in former Bal-Tec and Provac catalogues

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Logo Ted Pella, Inc.

Microscopy supplies for a diverse set of fields including Biology, Biotechnology, Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Failure Analysis, Forensics, Genetics, Histology, Materials Science, MEMS, Materialography/Metallography, Microelectronics, Nanotechnology, Neurosciences, Pathology, Pharmaceuticals, Physics, Quality Assurance and Semiconductors.

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Logo TEMWindows

Si / SiN / SiO2 TEM windows. State-of-the-art transmission electron microscopy windows that enable researchers to characterize their cutting-edge nanomaterials.

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Logo SouthBay

Materials Processing Solution

  • Consumables
  • Lapping & Polishing
  • Cutting & Sectioning

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Logo Diatome

  • Diamond knives
  • Resharpening of used Diamond  knifes

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