Immunolabeling / Confocal Microscopy Application Kit

Art# 36500-20 Immunolabeling Application Kit for use with the PELCO BioWave® Pro+

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The PELCO ColdSpot® Pro

The PELCO ColdSpot® Pro is designed for control of the environment inside the PELCO BioWave® Pro and Pro+ microwave systems. The water within the PELCO ColdSpot® Pro circulates through the internal Load Cooler within the BioWave® system or through the external PELCO SteadyTemp™ Pro chiller. This provides consistent temperature control at the specimen level as well as eliminating the standing wave pattern within the microwave cavity.

PELCO® EM Pro Microwave Vacuum Chamber

The PELCO® EM Pro Vacuum Chamber is made from microwave-transparent polypropylene and is designed to reach a maximum vacuum of 20" of Hg. The PELCO® EM Pro Vacuum Chamber works in conjunction with the internal vacuum pump in the PELCO BioWave® Pro and Pro+ microwave systems. The vacuum chamber can run a continuous vacuum or utilize a vacuum cycle, depending on the application and need of the user.

Squenza Slide Rack and Coverplate System

The Sequenza™ Slide Rack, holds 10 glass slides and Coverplates™, in a system designed for the immunolabeling of tissue on glass slides. The system is uniquely suited for microwave-assisted applications as well as standard bench-top use. The Rack and Coverplate System Slide Rack holds glass slides with a Coverplate™. This combination forms a capillary gap between the slide and the plate. Reagent volumes are greatly reduced using this versatile system. A reagent resevoir forms in the uppermost part of the plastic Coverplate™ allowing for easy dispensing of reagent into the capillary gap.

PELCO Prep-Eze™ Rectangular Wellplate Inserts

The rectangular polypropylene Wellplate Inserts have 6, 12, or 24 wells and will fit into the Corning Costar®Tissue Culture Plates of 6/12/24 Wellplate design. A 420µm opening, polypropylene mesh is at the bottom of each of the insert wells. 

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