PELCO® Mini Vials

PELCO® Mini Vials

excellent seal with captive closure, good for storing electron microscopy grids, specimens, etc. 

One piece molded polyethylene vials to store non-volatile liquids or solids. Moisture proof. 
The smallest vial (Prod. No. 21441, see cross section) holds one EM grid and has a rounded bottom to prevent grid from laying flat.

True North™ Freezer Boxes

made of corrugated polypropylene

Economical, reusable and moisture resistant plastic boxes for freezer storage of tubes, cryovials, and mini centrifuge tubes. Freezer boxes are supplied “flat-packed” eliminating the hassle of stacking and reduces the amount of space needed for storage. Boxes fit in standard freezer racks.

  • Easy self-assembly, boxes shipped flat-packed
  • More durable than cardboard boxes
  • Not affected by moisture
  • Significantly reduces the chance of mold
  • Dividers included with each box
  • Variety of colors available: natural, blue, red, purple and light green
  • Store down to -80°C (-112°F)

Wheaton® Snap-Cap® Specimen Vials

tight P.E. cap can be removed by the thumb tab with the same hand holding the vial; hygroscopic barrier

EM tissue handling and processing is conveniently done in the popular, Snap-Cap® biomedical vial. Polyethylene caps snap over a special sealing ring forming an effective barrier to moisture. EM infiltration and dehydration procedures are commonly carried out in these vials. Clear borosilicate glass vial with "natural" colored polyethylene snap caps. Replacement caps can be purchased separately. 
The PELCO® R2 Rotator also uses this specimen bottle for tissue handling (Product No. 12706) in the various steps leading to plastic embedment. Collecting, storing and exhibiting a wide variety of specimens in the lab or field can also be done in this vial.

Clear Wheaton® Sample Vials,
with Rubber Lined Screw Cap

Solid top black phenolic caps with 14B white rubber liner are attached. The vials are manufactured from Wheaton 33® low extractable borosilicate glass (meets ASTM Type I Class A and USP Type I Standards) to protect against changes in pH and maintain purity of contents. They have uniform sidewall and bottom thicknesses, are lightweight and have excellent strength and clarity. Storage down to -40° C. 

Typical Elemental Extraction Data of Wheaton 33® Type I Glass (ppm)
element: Si Al Na K Ca Mg Ba
Type 1 <1 <0.003 0.3 to 0.5 <<0.05 <<0.05 <<0.05 <<0.05

Small brown glass bottles, wide cap

Small brown bottle, Narrow cap

PELCO LightStop™ Black Jars

Polypropylene double wall black plastic jars to store light sensitive samples or substances. Straight inside wall; no inside lip. High gloss finish, linerless domed caps. Sold in packs of 6. 

Available is 3 sizes:

  • 2 oz. / 59cc with 58mm neck, overall size Ø59 x 58mm H
  • 4 oz. / 118cc with 70mm neck, overall size Ø72 x 68mm H
  • 8 oz. / 237cc with 89mm neck, overall size Ø90 x 72mm H

PELCO LightStop™ Black Dropper Bottles

Perfect for applications where small amounts of fluids are needed. Includes push-in drop dispenser with 1.5mm hole and twist-on cap. Black polyethylene bottle protects light sensitive contents. Sold in packs of 12. 

Available is 3 sizes:

  • 0.20 oz. / 6cc, overall size Ø18 x 46mm H
  • 0.34 oz. / 10cc, overall size Ø25 x 44mm H
  • 0.50 oz. / 15cc, overall size Ø25 x 66mm H

Polypropylene Jars with Caps

White, thick walled robust Polypropylene jars with screw on caps are ideal for storage of a wide variety of items including, samples, powders, pastes, gels, nuts, bolts, or small parts. Microwave safe for use in the PELCO BioWave® Pro+ Microwave Processor.

Available in sizes of 1/8 oz. to 16 oz. (3.7-473cc)

Volume Diameter x Height
oz cc mm
1/8 3.7 34 x 27
1/4 7 34 x 32
1/2 14 43 x 27
1 29 43 x 43
2 59 57 x 59
4 118 69 x 61
6 177 69 x 72
8 237 69 x 72
12 355 88 x 84
16 473 88 x 101

Natural colored polypropylene storage jars for storing samples, powders, parts, etc. Straight sided jars without an inside lip make it easy to get contents in or out. Complete with white caps which have a liner for sealing. 

Available in 10 different sizes from 1/2 oz. to 24 oz.

Volume Neck Size Diameter x Height
oz ml mm mm
1/2 14 25 33 x 33
3/4 22 25 33 x 52
1 29 36 45 x 43
2 59 51 60 x 52
4 118 51 60 x 72
6 177 63 72 x 72
8 237 63 72 x 92
12 355 82 91 x 84
16 473 82 91 x 104
24 709 112 121 x 82

Styrene Straight Sided Vials with Caps

Clear vials with tight fitting caps to protect against moisture and dirt. Smaller sizes come with easy opening thumb tab caps. Straight sided vials without an inside lip make it easy to get contents in or out. Packages of 12 complete with white caps.

Clear vials available in sizes 0.2oz to 2.5oz.

Volume Diameter x Height
oz cc mm
0.4 11 19 x 48
0.6 18 22.9 x 50.8
0.9 26 26.9 x 50.9
1.3 37 26.9 x 83.8
3.8 111 45.7 x 76.2
5.0 148 45.7 x 99
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