CryoSette™ 21 Place Storage Rack

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CryoSette™ Storage Rack

  • Made of polypropylene
  • Compatible with leading frozen sample storage systems
  • Thick walls minimizing deformation due to temperature changes
  • Can be handled by robotic equipment
  • Rack orientation marks on sides
  • Latches for locking and unlocking rack lid
  • Autoclavable

The Storage Rack is designed to contain 21 frozen tissue CryoSette™ Containers. The box is compact and has an SBS standard footprint to make suitable to several robotic storage systems. These innovative boxes can be stored in low-temperature freezers.

Temperature range: -196°C to 110°C. Suitable for cryogenic storage, but only in LN2 vapor phase.
Dimensions: 127.76mm x 85.48mm x 41.6mmH