Encore™ High Profile Disposable Microtome Blades, Dispenser of 50 Blades

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Encore™ Low and High Profile Disposable Microtome Blades

Encore™ disposable microtome blades provide quality, consistent sections due to the precise edge geometry of the blade. Using ultra-thin gauge steel (0.010”), and a steeper angle to enhance sharpness, the Encore™ blades last 48% longer and are 32% sharper than standard disposable microtome blades. A proprietary PTFE coating allows the full 80mm of cutting edge to be utilized. The longer lasting, more durable cutting edge provides an increase in productivity for histology laboratories with clinical or research application. Blades are offered in packages of 50, low and high profile. 

PTFE Coated, 77L x 14W x 0.25mmT (3.03"L x 0.55"W x 0.010"T