Microcentrifuge Storage Box, Black

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Microcentrifuge Storage Boxes

The Microcentrifuge Storage Box provides an organized and efficient method for storing 1.5/2.0ml microcentrifuge tubes. These polypropylene boxes have alpha-numeric reference guides permanently molded into the top edge of the base. Also, the close-up image of the bottom of the green box shows the alpha-numeric grid, printed in reverse, visible through the box when viewed from the top. The black boxes do not have this feature.

The friction-fit lid (transparent for colors and black for black) has relief gridlines and reference points for easy specimen location and retrieval. The compact Microcentrifuge Storage Box has a capacity for 81 tubes and is designed to fit in standard freezer storage racks. To maintain safety and sterility, these bases and lids can be autoclaved. With storage at a premium for most clinical and research laboratories, the Microcentrifuge Storage Box provides a compact and organized solution.

  • 81 tube capacity
  • 130 x 130 x 47mm
  • Available in black for light sensitive samples
  • Assorted colors available