Mini Section/Slide Dryer, 230VAC, 50-60HZ 400 Watts

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Mini Section/Slide Dryer

The Mini Section/Slide Dryer has a small footprint designed to be used at the microtome for improved LEAN workflow. Air at a digitally controlled temperature is blown through the base of the instrument for rapid and efficient section drying without the risk of overheating the specimen. With this system, drying times can be reduced by approximately 75% compared to conventional ovens.

A large chamber has space for up to 6 slide racks (30 slide capacities), which can be inspected at any time through a transparent lid. Innovative resistance hinges on the lid allows users to easily position it at any angle. This allows both hands to be used when placing and removing items from the dryer. With the optional 4 Slide Rack Holder in place, the capacity is 4 slide racks of 30 slide capacity.

The optional LEAN Timer system and identifier rack ensures that each slide rack has an exact optimal drying time and provides both an audible and visual indication to users when a slide rack has fully completed drying. The LEAN Timer can monitor up to four slide racks.

Exterior Dimensions:
265mm W x 385mm D x 228mm H (10.43" x 15.16" x 8.98")

Interior Chamber Dimensions:
220mm W x 191mm D x 140mm H (8.67" x 7.52" x 5.51")


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