PELCO® Vacuum Desiccator for Hitachi M4 Sample Mounts

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PELCO® Vacuum Desiccator for Hitachi M4 Sample Mount

The PELCO® Vacuum Desiccator for Hitachi M4 Sample Mounts holds either 5 of the 15mm diameter Hitachi M4 mounts or two of the 25mm diameter Hitachi M4 mounts. Storage under vacuum eliminates contamination or dust. Allows for a 7mm (0.27") specimen height on the mounts. The use of durable, non-outgassing, blue anodized aluminum and Silicon O-rings makes it suitable for pumping down to 10-3 mbar. Capable of holding vacuum for many weeks. Metal vacuum valve with PTFE shaft seal. Use a small vacuum pump to evacuate. Vacuum connection for pump-down is a 1/4" (6.35mm) barb fitting.

  • Keeps samples and calibration standards contamination free
  • Prevents oxidization of sensitive samples
  • Holds Hitachi M4 mounts secure on M4 screw adapters
  • Acrylic clear disc for easy locating of samples
  • Ideal for storing, transporting and shipping samples and calibration standards

Overall size w/o vacuum valve is ø76 x 35mm (3" x 1.4"). Cavity height is 13.7mm (0.54").