Disk or Annular Sputter Targets for Sputter Coaters

Disk Targets

High purity disk type sputter targets for a wide variety of sputter or ion coater brands: PELCO®, Cressington, Agar, Bal-Tec, Bio-Rad, Denton, Edwards, Emitech, Emscope, Gatan, ISI, JEOL, LEICA, Polaron, Quorum, and SPI. The disc or foil type sputter targets are available in 60, 57, 54, 50 and 19mm diameter. Most of the disk type targets are clamped to the target holder by a target clamping ring; simply unscrew the clamping ring and change the target.

Carbon Rods, Thread, Powder, and Rod Shapers

High Purity Materials and Wires for Vacuum Evaporation Deposition

Wire Baskets, Filaments and Coils, Metal Boats

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