Dumont Tweezers overweiv

Alloys and Materials

SS Stainless Steel
High tensile strength chromium/carbon steel alloy (various compositions) provides for good corrosion and stain resistance, second in hardness only to DUMOSTAR™ Note: stainless steel can rust under some circumstances.

NM-SS Non-magnetic Stainless Steel
Same properties of stainless steel with additional nickel to create the non-magnetic characteristic.

Ti Titanium
Flexible tips, non-magnetic, light weight (33% less than stainless steel alloys), durable, low particle shedding compared to stainless steel, extremely acid and stain resistant, hypoallergenic. Good for use around sensitive electronics or high magnetic fields. Will resist temperatures in excess of 400°C. Rockwell 36.

CS Carbon Steel
Very durable, hard material that is less flexible and more brittle than DS, SS and Ti. Highly magnetic, will stain and rust easily. Rockwell 60.

Dumont Dumostar

Newly developed alloy, non-magnetic and non-corrosive, resists temperatures to 550°C, extra hard tips but very elastic in nature, 8 styles.

Dumont Biology

SS, NM-SS, CS, Ti. Available in 8 styles and many finishes and metals. Finest Tips for handling extremely minute, delicate material and grids.

Dumont High Precision

SS, NM-SS, PTFE coated SS, CS. Available in 16 styles and many finishes. Suitable for most general laboratory use.

Dumont Medical

SS. Can be sterilized at 180°, satin finish, machined grips, 3 styles, one style available with clamping ring.

Dumont Clamping Ring

NM-SS (Dumoxel). Can be sterilized at 180°, 2 styles. Finest Tips for handling extremely minute, delicate material and grids.

Dumont Reverse(self-closing)

SS, NM-SS. 11 styles and various finishes and composition. Biology and High Precision.

Dumont Anti-Capillary Reverse (self-closing)

SS, NM-SS, 4 styles. Reverse with one bent tip to avoid water capillarity

Dumont Electrical and Industrial

SS, NM-SS. 13 styles. All but 2 are epoxy coated (blue for SS and green for NM-SS) with exposed, non coated tips.

Dumont Titanium

Ti. 6 styles. Light weight, strong tweezers. Totally non-magnetic.