PELCO® Tweezers overweiv

PELCO® Pro High Precision Tweezers

11 styles. Anti-acid, non-magnetic stainless steel.

PELCO® Pro Superalloy Tweezers

Ni-Cr-Mo alloy, 8 styles. Fine and UltraFine

PELCO® Pro Precision Titanium Tweezers

Ti. 7 styles. Light weight, strong tweezers. Totally non-magnetic.

PELCO® Carbon Fiber Replaceable Reinforced Tip

Electrically conductive, ESD safe tips and non-magnetic SS grips. 25 styles. Sturdy but non-scratching. Outstanding chemical resistance.

PELCO® Pro General Purpose Tweezers

For general lab applications. 13 styles.

PELCO® Pro Locking Tweezers

8 styles. Anti-acid, non-magnetic stainless steel.

PELCO® Pro Reverse(self-closing)

NM-SS. High precision reverse action. For high precision work such as in microscopy and assembly applications. 10 styles

PELCO® Pro Mini

NM-SS. 3 styles. Fine tipped tweezers without the excess bulk of long tweezers. Ideal in tight spaces.

PELCO® Pro Slim

NM-SS. 7 styles. Super slim tweezers, precise, fine tips. Especially suitable for reaching in tight spaces.

PELCO® Pro Flat and Pad Tip

SS. 9 styles. Smooth, scratch-proof tips, useful for handling delicate and pressure sensitive parts.

PELCO® Pro Wafer Handling

Standard all stainless steel, stainless steel with curved plastic tips and stainless steel with replaceable ESD safe PTFE tips.

PELCO® Pro Wire Cutting

CS. Precision cutting tweezers for fine wire in electronics and thin film research. 9 cutting tips available.