Cryovial®, 1.2ml, free standing, 12.5 x 42mm

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Cryovial® Tubes

external thread design with lip and silicone o-ring seal

  • Specially formulated polypropylene
  • Storage temperature as low as -196°C (gas phase)
  • Only 1-1/4 turn required for cap seal Sterilized by gamma irradiation/packaged in tamper-proof resealable bags
  • Certified RNase, DNase, Pyrogen and DNA-free
  • Autoclavable
  • White labeling area on each tube
  • Certain sizes in round bottom (rb) and/or free-standing (fs)
  • Only round bottom tubes can be centrifuged (17,000g)
  • IVD approved
  • Cap contains long skirt for one-handed sterile technique
  • Capinsert™ color coded inserts and Cryovial® Cane available
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